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Company Registration In Jaipur

80G Renewal in Jaipur

₹60,000/- for 5 Years


All Charitable trusts and exempt institution which are already registered under Section 80G, 12A or Section 12AA of Income Tax Act. Tax deductions under Section 80G will not be available to donors (individuals or companies) who opt for reduced rate of tax. 80G Registration under Section 80G | 80G Renewal in Jaipur of Income Tax Act provides benefits to the donor of an NGO. The donor gets financial benefits in his taxable amount of their income.

Documents required for 80G Renewal

  1. Old 80G & 12AA
  2. Registration Certificate
  3. PAN Card of all trustee & trust / society / NGO
  4. Activity Report
  5. Donation Report
  6. Expenses Report


45 to 60 working days

80G Renewal in Jaipur
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80G Renewal in Jaipur

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80G Renewal in Jaipur

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80G Renewal in Jaipur

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80G Renewal in Jaipur

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