Society Registration In Jaipur

Society Registration In Jaipur

India's Societies Registration Act 1860 is the central act that registers all societies. With minor modifications or none at all, this act is adopted in India by all the states. The MOA (also known as the Memorandum of Association) and Rules and Regulations documents are key documents to register a Society registration in Jaipur. These two documents may be written on paper or printed and then submitted.

Society registration in Jaipur is an act for communal purposes. It is a consent agreement between the members of the concerned authorities. Society Registration in Jaipur are mainly formed to deliver charity toṣ the public. The groups do not desire any profits or gain from this formation. Society registration is done under the Society Registration Act, 1860. The registration is mainly focused to attain uniformity among societies and the public. Most of the states in India have adopted this rule.

There are many additional designations that can be added depending on how many members there are and what kind of activities they intend to do. The Governing Board is made up of all the members. It controls and influences the functioning of Society registration in Jaipur. The MOA must state that the members of such a society have to be elected for a certain time. After the expiration of the term, the position can be filled via elections. Participation in the election is done by the governing members.

Procedure of Society Registration in Jaipur

  • For a Society registration in Jaipur, a minimum of 7 members is needed.
  • Society registration at the national level requires a minimum of 8 members and these members are from different states.
  • If the society registration happened in Jaipur, then one member should be from Jaipur along with any of the valid address proof. It can be an Aadhar card, Voter ID, Water bill or electricity bill. as well as the other persons who are also from different states each.
  • The members should sign in MOA and filled with the registry of Joint-stock-companies.

  • Description of Society Registration in Jaipur

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    Documents required for Society Registration in Jaipur

    1. PAN Card, Aadhar Card & Photo of minimum 7 members
    2. Electricity Bill
    3. Rent Agreement

    Time Period of Society Registration


    Time Period of Society Registration In Jaipur

    20 to 25 working days

    Society Registration In Jaipur

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