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Trust Registration in Jaipur

Trust Registration in Jaipur

Trust registration in Jaipur refers to the process of establishing a trust as a legal entity. A trust is a legal arrangement in which a person or entity (known as the settlor) transfers assets or property to another person or entity (known as the trustee) to hold and manage for the benefit of specific individuals or a charitable cause (known as the beneficiaries). Trusts are commonly used for charitable purposes.

Description of Trust Registration in Jaipur

If you want to register a trust in Jaipur, Rajasthan or in India or you are having any query related to Trust Registration or you are searching a trust registration in Jaipur or nearby or a private/public/educational Trust service provider then you are on the right place, we INFINITY are having a good experience to providing trust registration consultancy not only in Jaipur but in Rajasthan & India also. More details on Trust Registration are as follows.

Documents required for Trust Registration in Jaipur

  1. PAN Card
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Photo
  4. Electricity Bill
  5. Rent Agreement
  6. List of Trustees

Fee For Trust Registration in Jaipur



7 working days

Trust Registration in Jaipur

Procedure For Trust Registration in Jaipur

Trusts are, in simple words, organizations which are formed to help the people of society on different grounds and levels. It also aims at protecting rights, faith religion etc. of people constituting a society. They are supposed to be neutral bodies who help others. In our Constitution, the word trusts came into existence by the Indian Guests Act of 1892. This act also gives a legal definition to the world trust.

A trust can be Private or Public. In a public trust, the beneficiary is the general public, on the other hand in Private Trust Registration in Jaipur the beneficiaries are individuals or families. Jaipur has recently become a center of many such NGOs and charitable trusts which aim at providing various amenities to people in need. But opening a charitable trust is not an easy task. There are a set of rules and norms mentioned in Section 6 of our Constitution which needs to be taken full care of if you need to open a trust.

The first and the most important of all is to get a Trust deed, which is usually prepared by a lawyer or by a taxation law firm in Jaipur. A Trust deed is a synopsis or a summary of the objectives and the need for opening a particular Trust. In this, the concerned party has to clearly mention their intentions and aims to open a Trust. Also, in this document, the modes required for efficient management of the Trust are to be mentioned, along with details of the land it is built on. Minute information such as- procedure for the appointment of volunteers to their removal process also needs to be mentioned in this deed.

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Trust Registration in Jaipur

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Trust Registration in Jaipur

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Trust Registration in Jaipur

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Trust Registration in Jaipur

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