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What is Mutual Fund???

Mutual fund is one of the best investment options available in India. By investing in mutual fund you can in stocks, bonds & other securities. These funds managed by professional fund managers.

Few benefits of mutual funds are as following.

  1. Diversification : By investing in mutual fund an investor can easily diversify his money.
  2. Professional Management : Your investment is always managed by a expert professional’s who add there valuable experience with your investment.
  3. Liquidity : You can easily liquidate your fund as per your requirement.
  4. Accessibility: Investor can easily access a mutual fund. He can enter in to the investment world with a small amount.
  5. Transparency : Investor can check his wealth any time. Its available on digital platform so there is full transparency of amount.

Documents & details to start your investment

PAN, AADHAR Card, Cancelled Cheque, Photo

SIP date, Place of birth, Mother's Name, Mail id

Mobile No, Signature, UPI ID, Nominee Name & Relationship

AMFI Registered Distributor | ARN - 182209 Mutual funds are subject to market risk. Read all scheme-related documents carefully